Soft & Ultimate! Newborn Cotton Blankets

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Soft & Ultimate! Newborn Cotton Blankets

ULTIMATE COMFORT- Our Premium 100% Organic Muslin Cotton swaddle is ultra-soft and comfortable. It is SAFE and breathable.

Gives your baby a warm womb-like feeling that will give him/her the sweetest dreams possible. GREAT FOR SUMMERS TOO

Our zipper access located at the bottom of the pouch will provide you with a smooth transition to keep your baby asleep and clean without having to wake your baby for a diaper change.

All you need to do is unzip the lower pouch zipper and change the diaper; easiest swaddle diaper change!

HELP BABY SLEEP SAFER & LONGER- Swaddling your infant allows the baby to sleep safer with less loose bedding items in a crib, protection from self-scratching and our fabric is not too heavy, reducing the risk of overheating.

Swaddle delivers a fastened snug fit to the arms allowing your baby to feel safe and secure making him/her sleep longer.

  • Material: Organic Cotton
  • Age Range: 0-3 months,19-24 months,2 years Up,10-12 months,4-6 months,7-9 months,13-18 months
  • Size: 110*110cm
  • Pattern Type: Animal
  • Layers: 2 layers
  • New weight: 170g
  • Material: Organic Cotton

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